Maria Mansa . Aguardente Premium

A branding and packaging project for a brazilian cachaça. Premium brand.

Maria Mansa
Branding + Packaging

Brazilian Premium Cachaça
This project came upafter a research over brazilian beverage market. In the last years Brazil has been invaded by several beers, alcoholic liquors and vodka's international brands. Now we have here in Brazil a multicultural beverage sector in every supermarket. So we found aspot that wasn't really filled with any brand in this verycompetitive market. "Premium Cachaça".
Cachaça (also known as Aguardente) is a typical and original liquor made from sugarcane. The origin of this product is related to the colonial time where farmers from all over the country started to produce their own "cachaça". After all these years, the "cachaça" became a national symbol and a cultural icon that perfectly represents the brazilian spirit. After all, the most famous brazilian drink is made with cachaça: the world known Caipirinha.
We started to develop a brand that could represent this story and also have a place in the modern days. So we got Maria Mansa (something like Easy Mary). This brand spirit is all about the colonial days where ladies were hard to get and men were easy to impress. The bottle is a very strong symbol in the brazilian culture and the branding process had the intention to create high value to the product.

This project now is inprocess to come off the drawing board and become a reality into brazilian market.

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